The story of Our Little Home.

Kasey and I moved in together in August. We found a cheap first-home apartment in Lubbock, close enough to campus but far enough from the hustle.

Now, this boy really thinks highly of me because he went off for active duty with the marines during move out/move in and felt sure I could make the move all on my own. Bless his heart.

Fun fact: this picture, taken on move in day, was also my first and last day working at our apartment complex. RIP.

So my happy ass packed and cleaned his old apartment, and moved it all to the new apartment. I sweat, I cursed, I wondered how I had been tricked into this one.
I had never moved 100% on my own, let alone tried to make a home. Two bedrooms, two baths, and zero clues as to how to pull this off with pride.

This is a little corner of our sad crib.

Next time on Our Little Home: you’ll get to see me make moving so much harder than it actually is. Pictures included!


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