Progress is being made! I was so excited to get to take a break from the craziness of the unpacking and get a few things for our home!

Shopping Haul

I was very frugal with my spending and where I shopped! I went to Home Goods, Ross & TJ Max! Almost everything came from TJ Max!

My idea for this wall is to have it filled with inspiration and basically have it be like our “about us” wall. I want our friends and family that enter our home to be able to tell our values by looking at this wall. What’s important: God, love & home. Hopefully I’ll get more to be put up and completely fill this wall! (But not hoarder style)With time, this room will be perfect. I found the cutest monogrammed wood signs at Michael’s. One for Kasey & one for me. I also found the “Forever & Ever amen” sign at Michael’s too. We always say ‘I love you foreve_’ so I just had to get it! Each side of the bed is going to have things that are important to us, my side will be my sorority and kaseys side will be his fraternity & the USMC!

Here I am, gracing you with a quick selfie for my pride in this wall πŸ™‚ enjoy & you’re welcome

So we’re moving along, there’s one more progression picture and our first home is almost done!Β 

‘Home is where our story begins’Β 


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