Making our way through school…
Up until my senior year of college I had managed to finesse my way through the semesters without a single 8 am lecture. On September of 2016, my good days of sleeping in came to an end. Although I’m taking 18 hours, I only have to go to campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Now that may seem easy, but my classes start at 8 and go until 2 pm. And waking up in time for an 8 am is brutal for a sleeping beauty like myself.

Lets jump on the miserable-morning-bandwagon and talk about why we die when that alarm clock sounds off. Well first of all, if Satan ever spawned a sound, it would be the very sound of my alarm clock. Then there’s the cold that I wake up to (thanks Kasey). And we’ll end with the attention seeking cat that just wont stop chomping at your toes.

Now I’m going to take those things and tell you how I’ve learned to love them. The alarm clock from hell? Well that’s the first time my eyes open to see the love of my life laying next to me (peacefully ignoring the alarm clock). The bitter cold? The reason for me getting to cuddle up next to said sleeping beauty. And that misbehaved cat? Well that’s the cat that Kasey and I got together as our first additional family member to our little family in the making.

Waking up to these things at 7 am make me happy to do it. I get to get ready with my best friend, I smile more times by the time my 8 am even starts than 99% of the students in that lecture will on any given day. How could I complain? (Well, I can and I do, even the best fall down sometimes)

And before we part ways for the day, we get to share a drive to class. We try and make the bus, but we have too much fun and end up missing it. So we get to watch the sunrise together on our way in. Today, Kasey played ‘We Gonna Get Married’ on repeat all the way to campus, and I couldn’t have felt more secure and happy and blessed, this all happening by 8 am. So I’m okay with hoping on the struggle bus at 8 am so long as I’ve got my sidekick with me to laugh with/at.


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