Here at Texas Tech University, we have one of the best traditions in the nation to celebrate the Christmas season. Every year hundreds of students, locals, alum, friends and family gather around Memorial Circle and sing Christmas carols! The end ofΒ Silent Night marks the grand finale; 18 buildings across the nations 2nd largest campus (we got beat out by a landing strip) are lit up with a modest twinkle of 25,000 lights. This magical moment is absolutely breathtaking and what a memory to make with your loved ones.

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. Now if you don’t mind, time for the good stuff. Why is this event so special to me?

Chapter 1: Creeping Kasey

The story of how Kasey asked me for my number. Where it all started: 2015 Carol of Lights. Last year, I took a break from my 15 hour finals study session to enjoy some holiday cheer at the Carol of Lights. So did Kasey Lloyd. After the lighting ceremony and some fetch pictures with my lady squad, I went back to the library to grind out a few more hours of studying.

So did Kasey Lloyd. That’s where he saw me, wrapped up in my Marth Stewart blanket (shout out), nose deep in my studies. He basically just slid right into my DMs and asked for my number. Twice. Looking back, I really thought I was a good flirter with him. Which would be true if you consider good flirting to mean one word answers, short responses, and forgetting to actually give the guyΒ your number after you say yes. Why he gave me the time of day, I’ll never know.

It was this day that he encountered the sass that is me, and it is this day that I’m forever thankful for.


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