DIY: Finals Care Package

As demonstrated by Mama C After almost 4 years of being put through the ringer that is finals meltdowns by Vanessa, my mom is a veteran at preparing for my yearly mental breakdown thanks to finals.

Finals are around the corner, RIP.

This is how you know you’ve entered finals season. You’ve run out of supplies for school (sanity included), you have lost track of your eating schedule (student starvation is real), you find yourself crying a little more than usual. Another key feature of finals week and college in general, you are apt to find sleeping students in all corners of campus. This tradition of insomniac students is not only accepted but it is respected.

So, how do you prepare for that? Follow these steps.

  1. Show some love with new school supplies. Featured in my care package are fancy shamcy highlighters from the future, black pens, and PostIt tabbies. New supplies = new you. (Pro tip: If you say it enough, you’ll eventually convince yourself this is true)
  2. Next, address the real concern at hand here. Our tummies. Be sure to include snacks that you know your student will munch on during those long study sessions and late night reviews. Comfort food is always appreciated.
  3. This one is a little embarrassing for me. My mom found it necessary to include a box of tissues, along with 6 packs of individual travel packets for tears-to-go. (trademark pending). 6 y’all. She included 6 packets. What does that say about me as a person?Β 
  4. So we sleep on campus sometimes. Its a part of the lifestyle. I’m assuming that with how much my tuition is, I am also paying partial rent to partake in the activity of napping on campus so I will do so as I please. Throw in a pair of fuzzy socks to enjoy as I slumber. (ZZZzzzz)
  5. And lately, include the grand finale celebration! Finals are hard, and no one enjoys them. Its an event that isn’t for the faint of heart. One that may as well be apart of the Olympics as far as I’m concerned. Throw your student a bonus bone and include a gift card to one of their favorite places to eat.

A few things that Mama C thought to include in addition:

  • Midol on behalf of Kasey
  • Travel kit of eye drops so I can take my contacts on/off as I please during long study sessions
  • Cough drops because of weakened immune systems during stressful times
  • Sanitizing wipes so I can kill the germs that hangout at the library

* Don’t forget to include a card with a handwritten note to encourage your student! Some examples that Mama C has given me over the years:

  • You can do it, because you don’t have a choice
  • Tired is temporary, GPA is forever
  • Study for the type of lifestyle you are accustomed to
  • Crying doesn’t solve anything

Big thank you to Mama C for taking the time to get this care package ready and dealing with my sass not just during finals week but 365 days a year. Keep it up and I promise to get you a fancy scooter when you’re old! Xoxo


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