So a few weeks ago I received a package from Influenster, a costumer review site where you can share your experience with products and depending on how much social media influence you have, the company will send you what is called a VoxBox.
The way it works is once you create an account, you will be directed to a super fun survey where they ask you to go through lists of products ranging from food to drinks to makeup products and more. You’ll go through the lists, select your favorites and products that you’ve tried before, then they will calculate and keep track of your product interest!

At first, you will start out writing as many reviews and being as active as you can online. Then over time, you will develop a higher “influence score” and they may contact you with a pre-campaign survey. A campaign is basically when they release what is called a VoxBox; a box of complimentary products based off whatever campaign is being run. This pre-campaign survey doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will get that VoxBox, but I got it during my first try!

Once you receive your VexBox, you get to do a bunch of fun things like write reviews, share it on your social media and post it to your Instagram with your campaigns hashtag!

Campaigns vary from snack products, makeup products, pet products and more. The first campaign I was selected for was the Honeywell HumidfyMe campaign. I received a complementary humidifier, on sale for $60 at retail stores such as Walmart, just a few weeks after joining and being active on Influenster.

New campaigns are constantly being released and anywhere from 3 (for the yearly campaigns) to 10,000 Influenters are selected to be apart of the campaign. So if you have a high following on social media and love sharing your opinions, Influenster is a great team to be apart of!

With all this being said! I am going to be starting a new section to my blog for the products that I receive. Since it takes a while to get VoxBox’s, it will only be every now and then but I am so excited to get this section going! You’ll be able to tell its a review post because the title will start with a hashtag (#). Stay tuned for my first review!


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