Having a ring pass is something I have always heard stories of, dreamt of and gushed over.

On September 23, 2016 Kasey Lloyd proposed to me. It was the best moment of my life and one that will mark the happiest of days to come.Β On September 25, 2016 I had my sorority ring pass. How a ring pass works is to keep your engagement a secret from all your sisters except the chapter president until the next chapter meeting so that all your sisters are surprised by your engagement at the same time!

I got engaged on a Friday night, just before the weekend. So I told no one in my sorority except for my president. I asked for what’s called a ‘ring pass’. Ring passes are held the very next chapter meeting (chapter: our weekly meetings, usually happens on sundays or mondays).

So our chapter president is notified and then makes an announcement to all the girls that looks something like this:

Everyone is asked to come about 15 minutes early to chapter to find out who the lucky girl is.

The day of your ring pass, you get ready for chapter and go like it’s just another day. When you get to your sorority house, you are as excited as ever because this is the special day you get to share with all your sisters that you are ENGAGED!!! πŸ’

You walk into the house, find your president, and secretly hand over your engagement ring. Once everyone gets there, the fun starts. Everyone is looking around, trying to calculate who it could be. You try and act normal, like you just showed up to chapter to avoid the fines – as if it wasn’t your day for your ring pass.

Then the announcement is made. It’s time for the ring pass. You join in a circle, along with 150 of your sisters. Your president ties the engagement ring to a candle stick and lights the candle. Everyone starts singing a special song, and passes the candle around. The candle goes around the circle a total of 2 times.

The first time, everyone looks at it to “ooh & aahhh” at it. You get your ring and you do the same, as if you haven’t spent the past 24 or 48 hours staring at your new diamond. So you pass it along, watching all the girls and mentally protecting your new precious diamond as it passes 150 girls possession.

The second time around is when things get exciting. Your heart starts to race, you try and hide your smile and dry your palms. Still singing, girls are looking around trying to read the potetential future-Mrs. The way you let everyone know that the ring is yours and you’re the newly engaged lady is by blowing out the candle when it’s passed to you for the second time.



Let me tell y’all, I have never had such a stone cold face. Trying to play it cool was NOT easy. This is where I thought a ring pass ended.

Wrong. πŸ™ƒ You then go to the center of the circle with your ring and tell the story of how y’all got engaged. (Very new news to me!) caught off guard, I did my best but as you can see I got a little shy. Either way, this video makes my heart so happy. To be able to share such a special even Β with my sisters before I graduate was something I never thought I’d get to experience.




The joy of sharing smiles and laughs and love with your best friends is something that I hope each of you get to experience, at a ring pass or not. These moments I will never forget and and forever blessed to have had.

Here’s to you, here’s to me, sisters we will always be.


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