New Year’s Resolutions

What I love: It’s a great way to set an overall view of how you want to see yourself grow over the next 365 days.

What I could do without: It’s also, more likely than not, a great way to set ourselves up for failure. Yes, failure.

What you can do to avoid the presence of the F word in your 2017: Be realistic. Don’t make a resolution that isn’t compatible for yourself. If you worked out 3-4 times a week last year, push yourself to invest 5 times a week this year. If you were a walnut like me during 2016, a realistic expectation is to exercise and get your heart pumping 2-3 times a week. I’m no doctor, but be realistic. This is the best way to make sure you can stick to your goals! What’s right for me and my lifestyle may not be right for you and your lifestyle, and that is OK!
So, with that being said, here’s a list of essential resolutions that we all should give attention to this year:

Be KIND to yourself

Pay attention to your schedule and look at your overall week. If you have 2 exams in the same week, don’t cram it all in one night. Be nice to yourself and spread it out. Let yourself Β find the time to study and still be able to sleep. If you wouldn’t ask your BFF to spend the entire night catering to a request you had last minute (such as studying for that big test) then don’t do that to yourself!

LISTEN to your body

What I mean by this is to pay attention to our bodies. If you’re feeling extra slow, extra worn down then maybe catch up on some zzz’s. Skip the party, cuddle up with a good book and some tea, and give yourself a break. Having a social life on top of going to school full time is HARD. I get it, but if you want to enjoy any of it, this part is so important to cater to.

Allow your heart to be HAPPY

Whatever it is that makes you happy, give in to it. If that is finding the time to read your favorite book, wake up early for a morning walk, finding a new sunrise to watch – do it! I can’t count the number of times I find myself saying “I totally would – if I had the time!” We all have the time to do the things we love. I promise you. Just be proactive, be honest, and let the good happen.

PAMPER yourself

This is a new one for myself! This doesn’t mean go to the spa every week or even every month, but you can indulge in a weekly bath with Epsom salts and your favorite candle or your favorite face mask from LUSH – I have tried to give myself this luxury at least once a week! I spoil everyone around me with my time and love, I think its okay if I return the favor to myself and so should you!!


Be PRESENT in all you do

This is 100% the most important. Whatever it is that you’re doing, be present. If you are binge watching your favorite TV show, binge the hell out of it! Put the phone away, but the magazine away and enjoy. Spring cleaning? Turn the TV off, play your music & enjoy the cleansing process! If you’re out with your friends then BE with them! No social media, that stuff is for when you can’t be social in the real world so you can do it from the comfort of your bed. Our time is so limited on each of these activities, so gift yourself that presence!


These are a few of my resolutions, and I know we can all find something we want to improve. Join the fun and I promise you will love the changes you see!


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