Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb and TLC?

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The Twilight bath bombΒ from LUSH Cosmetics is captioned as a “dreamy lavender froth.” With a description like this, how could I not indulge? I snagged this 6.3 oz lavender bath bomb for $6.95.

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First Impression: Right from the start, I was in love with this bath bomb. Before I plopped it into my bath, I noticed that the lavender smell was really crisp but not overwhelming. Sometimes I find that certain bombs irritate my allergies, but I’m s’happy to share with you that this is not a bomb too strong to enjoy! With how light the pink color was, I will admit I was worried that at the end of my bath, the water color wouldn’t be exciting enough for my taste.

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What I Love: My favorite thing about this bath bomb experience was the scent and how it left my skin feeling. The scent wasn’t too much to handle and I was actually able to enjoy it. The colors were not disappointing like I had feared. A fun, frothy mixture of blue and pink filled my tub. Another fun plus from the bomb was how soft and sparkly I was left afterwards. (so sparkly I wanted to air dry after my bath so I didn’t risk cleaning off my sparkles!) The total time this bomb entertained me for was a solid 30 minutes, which was perfect for me!

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What I Could Do Without: I could do without the shell that emerges after a while. After about 15 minutes in the water, the bomb is no longer a bomb and turns into this egg-like shell that kinda weirded me out. Once the shell scene happened, the fun of watching the bomb defuse and froth in the tub was over.

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Pass or Fail: Pass! I definitely can overlook my weird aversion to the shell debacle for the sake of the beautifully soft, pink and blue froth, lingering lavender scent & glitter residue it left me in.




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