So you just got engaged and are on your way to becoming the mrs!! This is such an exciting time filled with story sharing on how you and your new fiancé met and how you got engaged, pictures for days!
I have found that newly engaged women tend to feel a great deal of pressure when it comes time to taking their engagement pictures. Especially when engagement season rolls around, you may feel that you need to have your game face on in order to ‘compete’ with all the other new bride-to-be’s that will be flooding Facebook right by your side.

Should we find an extravagant beach? What theme are we doing? Should I hire someone to do my hair and makeup? I need to buy a couple new outfits. Who’s the best photographer in the metroplex? Time to practice my smile.

It’s easy to feel the pressure of releasing your engagement photos and if you aren’t kind to yourself, you may even find that you’re dreading what should be a very exciting and blissful time of your life. So, today I have your solution.

At Home Engagement Session

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At Home Engagement Sessions are the perfect solution to creating the most unique and personable engagement photos. What I love about the concept is that you are able to show off the home you two have built together. The number one place where you have most likely shared your fondest of memories and hardest of laughs. Because lets be real, the foundation of your life shared together as a couple takes place at home. A guaranteed way that none of your sorority sisters or high school hero friends will have photos that even remotely resemble your engagement photos.

An in home session is a great way to spontaneously incorporate your most important family members.

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Another great perk to an in-home engagement session is that you get to show off your personalities perfectly and show your friends and family who you are as a couple. That’s something that can be hard to capture in a studio or a local pond!

Lastly, you are able to capture looks that happen in your every day life. I find myself looking at my fiancé this way when he says a silly joke, makes a weird noise or is driving me crazy.

This is your ultimate guide to unique engagement pictures!


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