Your journey to saying “yes” to the dress has been prepped by endless hours of Say Yes To The Dress on TLC, David Tutera & Pinterest Boards. I know you are all well educated on how this drill goes, but here are the key points to remember on your hunt for the dress:

Style your hair! 
Just in case you’re like me and don’t find yourself doing your hair every single day, make sure you plan ahead and make dress shopping an exceptions. When you’re trying on dresses you want to feel as close to the real deal as possible. But be sure to bring a clip or something to pull your hair back and up! “Why would I do my hair if I’m going to put it up?” Well, dresses are detailed so finely that you’re going to want to be able to have a clear view of what the back of your dress looks like, without your hair being in the way. Illusion back, key hold backs, there’s more then you realize! Go prepared to see it all.

Do your makeup!
Just like your hair, you want to be able to see yourself as closely to the real deal as possible. No need to go all out, just make sure you feel good and like your look. I shouldn’t have to state this, but be careful with your application and how much you wear – you are trying on thousands of dollars worth of white dresses!

Undies matter! 
Im going to keep this one short and sweet. Depending on what kind of dress your heart is calling to, you may be wearing a silky and sleek dress or a strapless and backless dress. While it isn’t necessary to bring the exact undergarments you plan to wear, it is helpful to know what your dress would look like without unflattering lines or straps popping out.

Less is best!
I know you are so excited to show off this stage of your life and share this day that you’ve dreamt of since your earliest memories, but less is best! Consider limiting the number of guests you bring with you on your big day of shopping to 2 or 3 of the closest women in your life such as your mom or sister. Most boutiques will only allow a maximum of 3 additional guests anyways. A great way to incorporate other women who are near and dear to your heart is to plan on inviting them to your final fitting or doing a first look with these special women on the day of the wedding.

Have an open mind!
When going into your boutique appointment, bring your Pinterest board stocked with dresses that have caught your eye and know exactly what the elements are that you loved. At the same time, listen to your consultant! It may be a dress that you would have never picked out yourself, but give it a try. I ended up trying on a dress out of courtesy of my consultant and I fell in love with it so much that I said “yes” to it!


No matter what your budget or theme is, be sure to enjoy the day and experience by using these simple steps to saying yes to the dress!


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