Big changes are happening at Confidently Misplaced! I am so excited to release the brand new CM logo. With a total website facelift, I hope each of our readers finds it easier to navigate to your favorite posts and categories. On Confidently Misplaced you can find 4 categories to explore, aside from this About Me page. Ultimate Guides will be your go-to for all things how-to and DIY. Under the Product Reviews tab, you’ll be able to find a series of honest product reviews for all things bath, beauty, home goods and anything your average 20-something year old would find themselves adding to their cart. The Mrs is where you can go to find more of a domestic feeling. It includes homemaking, all things engagement/married related and my favorite products to pass on to my newly engaged friends, or friends of newly engaged couples. You can find all the best hacks to university life under College GirlExperience Life is where you can go to find travel tips and tricks, things to do, and places to see. To help you have the most fabulous time exploring, you can use the search bar to quickly navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Even more exciting features are coming your way, including new post categories, more style my comfy posts, and dare I say..GIVEAWAYS?!? Be sure to click the “count me in” button, follow CM on Instagram (@ConfidentlyMisplaced), Twitter (@happyheartsblog) & like CM on Facebook (@ConfidentlyMisplaced) in order to be the first to find out about freebies and new posts.


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