Anyone looking for a new spin on Thirsty Thursday? LUSH Bath Cocktails. We’ve all seen them, but have we all tried them? I decided to be brave, bold and a total dare devil and try to concoct my very first bath cocktail. (And my very first experience with a luxury bath oil).

For this cocktail, I first infused the tub water with the Razzle Dazzle luxury bath oil, and used the Cupid bath bomb as a chaser. The initial infusion of the Razzle Dazzle left the water feeling extra buttery and oily (in the good way) and looking as if I had already used a bath bomb.

The Cupid bath bomb, as previously mentioned in my review and unboxing of  LUSH: In Your Dreams valentines day gift box, was so delicate and addicting to watch. The combination of the pink and white froth from the bath bomb and the already fuchsia and glitter bath water was to die for. The total time this bath bomb lasted was about 20 minutes. Just the right amount of time for a solid bath time.

At the end of this cocktail, my skin was left feeling even more moisturized than before and  I couldn’t keep my hands of myself! 10/10 obsessed with this luxury oil/bath bomb combo. I cannot wait to get to try another combo soon.

HEADS UP: This review is going to cover how the two products worked together, but don’t worry because you can find individual product reviews following this post.



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