It’s time for the tiny but mighty Dazzle Dazzle ball of goodness to be reviewed individually! As previously featured in my LUSH: Razzle Dazzle & Cupid Bath Cocktail review, my experience with Razzle Dazzle was beyond words. 

From the moment I picked it up in the store, the Razzle Dazzle Luxury Bath Oil was beautiful. Leaving traces of glitter and fuchsia on everything it came into contact with, this bath oil was rich in butters and oils that instantly left my skin feel moisturized.

The color alone was impressive, I did not expect there to be any trace of the fuchsia sparkles however my bath was instantly laced with the beauty of it. At only $3.50 for what I would call a shot for your bath cocktail, you can easily treat yourself to an extra special bath at the end of a long month (like I did!). This tiny but mighty .7 oz of glitter is getting two thumbs up from me. 

TIP: be sure to lather & rinse off if you smear this oil on yourself, if not you’ll get this film of product on your body but easily avoidable if you

  1. Don’t smear it on yourself
  2. If you do smear it on yourself, give yourself a good wash and rinse after your bath

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