Experience this…Hurts Donuts. Frisco, TX gained the new Hurts Business just a few months ago and has been experiencing nothing but rave reviews and wait times of 2 – 3 hours to try the specialty donuts. So naturally, I made it a must for a trip to Frisco, Tx.

Located in North Texas, Hurts Donuts is home to some of the most exciting, mouth watering donuts you’ll ever get to experience. Topics range far beyond glazed or chocolate. Try Fruit Loops, Oreos, gummy worms, Nerds candy, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I can’t deal with it!!!

Their menu is one of a kind. If you want to eventually try all of the different flavors & are up for a surprise, you can let the employees pick your donuts and in return you get a discount. If not, you can get a dirty six for a whopping $10. These are specialty donuts, for a special treat. But oh so worth it.

I will admit that while I was in the process of taking photos for this post, I wasn’t impressed with the display and was worried how I would be able to work with the aesthetics of the shop. If I was going off first impressions, I would not recommend.

But the tummy wants what the tummy wants. to HURT(s donuts). These donuts are almost double the size of your standard donut. Aside from donuts, the company also sells monkey bread and kolaches. 

With something to satisfy everyone in the family, I couldn’t think of a more unique and fun donut shop to grace Frisco with its presence.

“That’s really good..the frootloops. They’re delicious…”

– My Dad


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