So your bff, sister or high school friend just got engaged and you want to get them something sweet! I have compiled a list of gifts that every newly engaged lady is secretly hoping to receive. (& where to buy them. HINT: Francesca’s is your one stop)

A ring dish for their brand new rock

Carrying around a ring on your finger that is worth a small fortune can be scary! Get her a cute little ring dish so that their previous ring has a home to stay a night time.

Wedding magazines for inspiration
Just in case she hasn’t been all over Pinterest for months now, you can’t go wrong with magazines that cater to the next year of her life. Ranging from $5 to $10 for the average wedding magazine, you can snag one from the store, pick her favorite chocolate & a bottle of celebratory champagne and you’ve got one of her favorite gifts!

Fun tees to let the world know
Anything that says “future mrs” or “feyoncè” will be sure to make an appearance on her Instagram feed within days.

Witty coffee cups
This is the same as the shirt! She’s hoping to get this one, its a staple for every newly engaged girl. Almost like a right of passage! Processed with VSCO with m2 preset

Whatever you decide to get the new bride-to-be, get excited because I promise you she will love it & you for taking the time to celebrate such an exciting time of her life!

Lots of Love,

Confidently Misplaced



4 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Engagement Gift

  1. The ring dish is a great idea! Even if she already has one, this would be a super gift for her to use in the kitchen if she cooks. Wouldn’t want to lose that ring down the drain or in that chocolate lava cake! 😉


    1. Omg yes so true!!! I was always so paranoid to take my ring off anywhere NEAR the kitchen or the bathroom!!! So I have one at my bed side table but awesome idea for the kitchen and maybe even bathroom during shower time! Love it!


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