My favorite trend of 2017 has got to be monthly subscription beauty boxes. There are plenty of companies that will feed your need for beauty products. But sometimes it can be daunting to sign up for a monthly subscription without knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into so I took it upon myself and did the legwork for you! Two of the most popular beauty subscription boxes have been reviewed for you to follow.

Ipsy Glam Bag


Overview: Ipsy actually comes with 4 beauty products (sample size) and the glam bag itself is the 5th item. When you sign up for Ipsy, you will be taken through a short survey that goes over you hair type, eye color, makeup preference, how comfortable you are with makeup and what kind of beauty products you would be most happy to receive. It will also prompt you to select what beauty brands you use the most. Once you go through this process, the lovely people at Ipsy will but together a glam bag with the products they feel will best fit you.

Pros: The first month I received my glam bag was March & I loved the bag it came with! I honestly could not have been more happy with it. On the first delivery, all the products that I received were in perfect condition – no shipping problems. Their costumer service is also very pleasing! Each month you have the option of picking 1 beauty product that you will for sure know is coming in your glam bag, which is always fun!

Cons: Although I loved the bag, not every months bag looks like something I would want to have. Another con is the wait time. You go on a waitlist, and then your bag doesn’t ship for another month, so for someone who took a while to pull the trigger and subscribe to a monthly box like this, you’re probably waiting about two months to receive your goodies.

A peek inside my first Glam Bag…

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Overview: BirchBox will take you through a beauty preference survery and have you tell them what kind of beauty products you would be most excited to receive in your monthly box. You can pick anything from nail products to beauty tools. You receive five beauty product samples each month.

Pros: The turn around time from ordering my BirchBox to actually receiving it was maybe two weeks. Super fast, super easy. Perfect for the girl waiting on pins and needles for her gift. The sample sizes were much bigger than I expected and fit my beauty profile perfectly. On top of that, I got two free products as a welcome gift. Each month you have the option of picking 1 beauty product that you will for sure know is coming in your glam bag, leaving it a complete surprise, or picking a set box and just knowing all the items that have been picked for you. I love all the options! Along with your products you get a list of all your products and the details of each one.

Cons: My biggest concern with this was when I received my very first box, I had one product that was completely empty. I had to wait about a week to receive a replacement sample.

A peek inside my BirchBox…

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I would place my money on BirchBox. Im still playing around with the Ipsy beauty profile, so we will see if April is any better! But for the quality and quantity, BirchBox made the best impression on me.

Links Coupon/Discount Codes
BirchBox you can use this link to get 50% OFF your first box!! Thats $5 for 5 beauty samples delivered to your front door at the middle of each month.
Ipsy this link won’t give you any discount, but you can use it to sign yourself up for your subscription!


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