Bath Junkies, listen up! I have a new review for you on purhcasing the Lush Tisty Tosty bath bomb. On the surface, it looks like there are mini roses all throughout the bath bomb. Its base color is white, and the fizz is true to that white color so don’t expect any fancy color show with this one! Rose and jasmine scents are released while this bath bomb goes to work.
Not a slow fizzer, this bath bomb is not one that is especially beautiful. To pump up the show, I did use a few chops of the Sunnyside bubble bar and Prince Charming shower cream. This is where the color of my bath came from, lacing the tub with gold and sparkles everywhere.
At the end of the bath bomb, only about 5 little roses popped out, which was kind of disappointing for my big tub. I would say that if you wanted this bath for the smell and bubble bar, you got the best of both worlds! But the Tisty Tosty bath bomb alone was not a winner for me.



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