CONGRATULATIONS! You are engaged and its time to start showing off your love, your new fiancΓ© and your new ring. There’s several different focal points and you can use all of them!

Focal Point: Your Love

img_5309This is a great way to 1) Show off your love with sweet forehead kisses and 2) Very strategic and casual ring placement. If you aren’t comfortable with just a picture of your ring, then this is a great way to show all that encompasses this new chapter in your life.

Focal Point: Your Love & Your Ring

img_5310If you want to show your ring off a little bit more, this is a great way! Sweet, soft, subtle but without a double you can’t miss that rock!

Focal Point: The Ring

If you have shared plenty of sweet photos together and this ring is a symbol of importance, value, and commitment that you can’t wait to show off, these are both tasteful ways to share this new chapter.

However you and your loved one wants to share this moment with your family, friends, and loved ones, don’t feel like you need this grand announcement because at the end of the day, family and loved ones are celebrating this chapter, not an image.

Lots of Love,

Vanessa from Confidently Misplaced


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