Experience: Hurts Donuts in Frisco, TX

Experience this...Hurts Donuts. Frisco, TX gained the new Hurts Business just a few months ago and has been experiencing nothing but rave reviews and wait times of 2 - 3 hours to try the specialty donuts. So naturally, I made it aΒ must for a trip to Frisco, Tx. Located in North Texas, Hurts Donuts is … Continue reading Experience: Hurts Donuts in Frisco, TX


Ultimate Guide To Road Tripping

SPRING BREAK IS FINALLY HERE & you now need the ultimate guide to road tripping. I got what you need: Be comfy.Β  Pack the essentials.Β After you pack your luggage for your final destination, you're going to want to make sure you pack your essentials. These are the things that you are going to want with … Continue reading Ultimate Guide To Road Tripping

Adele Concert

Hellooo..from the parking lot...JK! I actually got to live to see the day that I went to an Adele concert. I had been looking forward to this day for almost a year. Since the time I got the tickets as my 21st birthday gift I have traveled to 6 countries, got my foot ran over, … Continue reading Adele Concert