Ultimate Guide To Unique Engagement Pictures

So you just got engaged and are on your way to becoming the mrs!! This is such an exciting time filled with story sharing on how you and your new fiancΓ© met and how you got engaged, pictures for days! I have found that newly engaged women tend to feel a great deal of pressure … Continue reading Ultimate Guide To Unique Engagement Pictures


College Girl Sorority Traditions

Having a ring pass is something I have always heard stories of, dreamt of and gushed over. On September 23, 2016 Kasey Lloyd proposed to me. It was the best moment of my life and one that will mark the happiest of days to come.Β On September 25, 2016 I had my sorority ring pass. How … Continue reading College Girl Sorority Traditions

University Traditions

'TIS THE SEASON!!! Here at Texas Tech University, we have one of the best traditions in the nation to celebrate the Christmas season. Every year hundreds of students, locals, alum, friends and family gather around Memorial Circle and sing Christmas carols! The end ofΒ Silent Night marks the grand finale; 18 buildings across the nations 2nd … Continue reading University Traditions

Kasey Appreciation Post

| Love | noun | a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person Reasons I Love {Kasey} I love Kasey for all that he is and all that he is yet to be. There is not a single thing about this man that I cannot find my love in. Reasons I Love {Kasey} … Continue reading Kasey Appreciation Post

Home Making Success

WE DID IT!!! With a few last touchups, Kasey and I have officially made this place a home! Just a quick reminder of how things looked at the beginning of this project... We were able to turn this trap house into an oasis. (I lie, we tried but thanks for bothering @TheGrove) We have hosted … Continue reading Home Making Success

The Proposal

September 29, 2016 On this day, I was surprised. I felt butterflies like a school girl. On this day, I went on a scavenger hunt. ArrangedΒ by Kasey, he sent me around Lubbock, TX for a trip down memory lane. Oh, The Places We've Been Where we first met Where he creeped on me Our first … Continue reading The Proposal

The Mrs: Home Making Update

Update: Progress is being made! I was so excited to get to take a break from the craziness of the unpacking and get a few things for our home! Shopping Haul I was very frugal with my spending and where I shopped! I went to Home Goods, Ross & TJ Max! Almost everything came from … Continue reading The Mrs: Home Making Update

My Journey with Home Making

The story of Our Little Home. Kasey and I moved in together in August. We found a cheap first-home apartment in Lubbock, close enough to campus but far enough from the hustle. Now, this boy really thinks highly of me because he went off for active duty with the marines during move out/move in and … Continue reading My Journey with Home Making