LUSH: In Your Dreams

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I would do an unboxing and review of the seasonal In Your Dreams gift box from the o so addicting LUSH Cosmetics. (drool) This gift box comes with a detailed sheet explaining each of the three products that you're about to play with! It came with a bubble bar, … Continue reading LUSH: In Your Dreams


Ultimate Guide To Valentine’s Day

Its that time of the year!! Valentine's Day has always been such a beautiful day to me. I know what you're thinking.."Ya because you're engaged!!" But I've had V-Day's as a single gal, and I still loved it! Who doesn't love another excuse to wear red and pink, eat chocolate & say sweet things to … Continue reading Ultimate Guide To Valentine’s Day

College Girl Finding Time For Friends

Christmas 2016 has been one for the books. With so many new experiences, I cannot help but brag a bit. Kick Off: ΑΔΠ Style I kicked off this years holiday season by sharing a little gathering with my sorority sisters during finals week. Each of us had a little something for one another. As you can … Continue reading College Girl Finding Time For Friends

University Traditions

'TIS THE SEASON!!! Here at Texas Tech University, we have one of the best traditions in the nation to celebrate the Christmas season. Every year hundreds of students, locals, alum, friends and family gather around Memorial Circle and sing Christmas carols! The end of Silent Night marks the grand finale; 18 buildings across the nations 2nd … Continue reading University Traditions

Adele Concert

Hellooo..from the parking lot...JK! I actually got to live to see the day that I went to an Adele concert. I had been looking forward to this day for almost a year. Since the time I got the tickets as my 21st birthday gift I have traveled to 6 countries, got my foot ran over, … Continue reading Adele Concert