Home Making Success

WE DID IT!!! With a few last touchups, Kasey and I have officially made this place a home! Just a quick reminder of how things looked at the beginning of this project... We were able to turn this trap house into an oasis. (I lie, we tried but thanks for bothering @TheGrove) We have hosted … Continue reading Home Making Success


The Mrs: Home Making Update

Update: Progress is being made! I was so excited to get to take a break from the craziness of the unpacking and get a few things for our home! Shopping Haul I was very frugal with my spending and where I shopped! I went to Home Goods, Ross & TJ Max! Almost everything came from … Continue reading The Mrs: Home Making Update

My Journey with Home Making

The story of Our Little Home. Kasey and I moved in together in August. We found a cheap first-home apartment in Lubbock, close enough to campus but far enough from the hustle. Now, this boy really thinks highly of me because he went off for active duty with the marines during move out/move in and … Continue reading My Journey with Home Making